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Having Comwire handle your cloud environments not only improves your security, it also boosts your bottom line.

Using an off-premise platform, we'll customise an environment for your business delivering unrivalled reliability and flexibility. The key advantage of moving to the cloud is that everything is truly scalable, so it adjusts with your business’ needs.

Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365

Comwire IT partners with Microsoft as a Cloud Service Provider offering their full suite of cloud applications for our clients.

By moving your Microsoft Suite to the cloud, you are ensuring that the software and tools you need to operate your business are always available.

This also does not mean you have to run independent systems, Comwire can seamlessly integrate your cloud with your on-premise servers, providing you the best of both worlds.

Cloud Backup


Cloud Backup

For many companies, protecting their data can be a challenge. One thing that is never really taken into consideration with your backups, is how do you restore them?

Quite often the restoration processes with on-premise backups required that there is a server to restore them to, and depending on the amount of data, how long this process takes.

Today, many companies’ local backups which can suffice for your need in this daily backup process, are not giving you true geographical redundancy, which would protect you if your building suffers any damage.

The best practice is to ensure your environment is reliably and securely backed up into the cloud, with the ability to restore your servers quickly, keeping you working. Comwire tailors a backup solution specifically for your business taking into consideration your data, required restoration times and your ability to operate remotely.

Cloud Servers


Cloud Servers

Comwire's Cloud Servers offer the flexibility of a server environment tailored for your business' individual needs, without the headache of purchasing expensive hardware with a limited life-span.

All Comwire Cloud Servers are designed to be highly available, reliable, and scalable to grow with your business and are implemented in your own personal Private Cloud. Private Cloud is designed to securely house your critical business servers and data, keeping them in their own isolated network.

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